At Conscious Martial Arts we offer various courses aimed at developing and improving the use of both mind and body through training in Posture, Interaction, Body Movement, Self Defence and Ontology (understanding the mind).

We also cater for businesses and can design and administer bespoke courses at your place of work if you have specific requirements. Our courses can promote better self-awareness and enhanced perception, complimenting health and safety policies in the workplace, and leading to safer and happier employees.

All of our courses can be taken on a one-to-one basis in your home or workplace. See here for details

Martial Arts Course

  • CHENG HSIN (The art of effortless power)
  • Self defence without the need for muscle.
  • Power and effectiveness without strain or tension.
  • All sizes, ages and gender


Our training is based on correct body alignment and movement as opposed to reliance on muscle strength.

It is based on accurate timing as opposed to reliance on speed. We also teach our students to be aware of and use space and distance.

This is all achieved through relaxation instead of tension. Our training can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of fitness level, gender or age. We use the elements of Ninjutsu, Chen Hsin and Judo.

Through fun games we rewire the nervous system to automatically respond accurately to any threatening situation.

Classes cost €15 per 90 minute class

Women’s Self Defence

  • Learn how to get out of trouble quickly and safely
  • Learn techniques that are effective and require no major muscle strength
  • Develop power and effectiveness without strain or tension
  • Build Confidence
  • Fun and interactive classes


The course is taught gently and without the need for, or use of muscle strength.

This course was designed based on our experience of Cheng Hsin and Ninjutsu, but also with input from other training we received along the way, for example Russian Systema.

Our aim here is to give the student confidence that they may evade or deal with an assailant quickly so that all threat is neutralised.

Included in the training are strikes, joint locks, throws and many freeplay drills and games (which are great fun to engage in).

We’ll also look at some practical issues around self defense pertainng to women in particular.

The training will develop fitness, body awareness, personal development as well as confidence.

Classes cost €15 per 90 minute class

Reality Check

  • understanding the mind
  • how the mind evolved
  • how the mind distorts reality
  • how are stress, anger, fear etc. created?
  • how deeply are we programmed?
  • belief versus truth
  • silencing the non-stop mind
  • seeing reality versus reacting to illusions
  • detaching from the ego
  • living in true freedom and happiness


It is not Life or people or events that cause us to suffer, it’s our reaction to them that causes our unhappiness and it’s our mental conditioning that causes our reactions ie. anger, stress. guilt, depression, worry, resentment etc. Luckily, we don’t need to fight or wrestle our conditioned reactions into submission, all we need is to understand them.

If we fully understood our reactions in stressful situations they would lose their power over us. We would become un-upsettable.

Can you imagine what it would be like to live fully, effectively and powerfully, where nothing and no-one had the power to upset you?

Your judgement and decision making would vastly improve.

You would be more just and compassionate.

You would use logic and reason based on actual evidence instead of just emotional reactions.

In the Reality Check Ontology Course we’ll uncover many truths about ourselves and the world we create.

We’ll discover the nature of the mind and how it operates and evolved to the way it is.

We’ll discover how it becomes dysfunctional.

We’ll discover how to spot illusions as they arise in us and how to disentangle ourselves from them.

We’ll discover compassion by recognising that everyone else has their own illusions too.

We’ll discover our true nature by directly realising that the mind is just a tool we have, not something we are.

We’ll discover what a successful life really means. We tend to think that it is the acquisition of money or the approval of others, but is this really true?

We’ll discover how to be present and powerful, as opposed to being trapped by fear and the illusion of time.

We’ll discover the beauty of Life by understanding that it’s not something that we have, but it’s what we are.


Classes cost €15 per 90 minute class

Energy Flow Course

  • deep tissue stretching
  • body freedom and revitalisation
  • joint and muscle loosening
  • power breathing
  • circulation enhancement

Tai Chi Course

  • achieve physical and mental well-being
  • relieve tension and musculoskeletal problems
  • improve posture and flexibility
  • increase power


Cheng Hsin Tai Chi

As part of the course, the student will learn profound body awareness, and how best to use posture and movement.

This means that all physical tasks become easier and the likelihood of strain or injury in ANY physical task is greatly reduced. It can also reverse any current musculoskeletal problems.

A form of Chi Gung is also included in the course. These gentle slow stretching and deep breathing exercises promote well-being, relaxation and greater mobility/flexibility.

We will also show you more dynamic methods of keeping the body and joints free and mobile. These sets of movements are derived from various martial arts.

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Classes cost €15 per 90 minute class

Body Movement and Interaction in the Workplace

  • body structure
  • postural alignment
  • principles of interaction
  • grounding and centering

If you would like any more information about the courses we provide, please contact us.