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Ninjutsu, or Bujinkan Ninpo Budo Taijutsu, as it is often known. The word Ninja refers to those who practised this art. It is a system of traditional Japanese Martial Arts that demands deep body awareness and is characterized by fluid relaxed movement. The current Head of the system (which is in fact derived from 9 traditional schools) is Dr Masaaki Hatsumi, who is also the current Master of Amatsu Therapy (Japanese Physical Therapy) in Japan.

Cheng Hsin

This is a system of Martial Arts and Contemplation training devised by Master Peter Ralston (The first non-Asian to win the full contact World Martial Arts Tournament in China in 1978), based on his 50 years experience of Martial Arts (including Judo, Aikido, Western Boxing, Tai Chi, Hsing I and Pa Kua), and profound study of Zen. It includes a form of Tai Chi which is a variant on the Yang Style.

Wu Tai Chi

This is a relaxed form of Tai Chi. Its movements are fluid and expansive, enabling greater flexibility, improved posture, and more integrative coordinated movement.

Chi Gung

This is a system of gentle breathing and stretching exercises taught by Sifu Sam Li, which again lead to improvement in posture, movement, flexibility, and energy.


The Conscious Martial Arts Team:


Ben Somers


  • Training since 2006 with Younis Fakhfakh in both Martial Arts and Tai Chi (incl Cheng Hsin and Ninjutsu)
  • Trained with William Doolan (15th Dan) in Ninjutsu since 2006
  • Trained with Peter Ralston in 2009
  • 3rd Dan in Ninjutsu
  • Certified Tai Chi teacher
  • Has used mindfulness techniques derived from years of meditation and martial arts training to coach and assist people