Martial Arts without the Muscle

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Our Training

Our training is based on correct body alignment and movement as opposed to reliance on muscle strength.
It is based on accurate timing as opposed to reliance on speed.
We also teach our students to be aware of and use space and distance.
This is all achieved through relaxation instead of tension.

We are very interested in Mindfulness so that attention is focused on the present moment and events
can be dealt with in a calm and efficient manner. When the mind is truly calm there is no
tension in the body. When the body is truly relaxed there is no tension or stress in the mind.

Any type of physical contest or conflict is nothing more than a form of interaction.
A deep understanding of how to interact effectively, taught through fun games, makes our approach very powerful.

Our training can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of fitness level, gender or age. If you are older,
overweight and/or unfit, you can still become effective at our self defence without worrying about needing to become “fit and lean”.
If however, you do want to increase fitness and lose weight, our system is effective.
It includes mobilisation, flexibility and movement training, all of which can have huge health
benefits. The martial games and exercises, which are both challenging and fun, can also offer a useful cardio vascular workout,
but again , especially here, we ensure that we’re working with our students at their level.

We include training in meditation consciousness and mindfulness.
You quickly realise that the more relaxed you become, the more effective you become.

We learned these principles through decades of training in Bujinkan Ninjutsu (the origin of the word Ninja),
Cheng Hsin (The Art Of Effortless Power) , and Tai Chi. We are currently the only school, club or dojo in
Ireland teaching these three systems together.