Martial Arts without the Muscle

Want to learn self defense without getting hurt in the process? Want to get fitter and more flexible without sweating through boring lung busting drills? We train WITHOUT causing pain. Relax have fun! Individual or group classes available. We can even come to your home or office for one on one classes!
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A New Approach

Our system does not rely on muscle strength. Instead we focus on grounding, balance, movement from the body’s centre, timing, relaxation and body alignment coupled with spatial awareness.



Ninjutsu (root of the word Ninja), Cheng Hsin (The art of effortless power), Tai Chi (meditation in movement), Mindfulness and presence (keep the mind where the body is), Amatsu Therapy, Chi Gung


Multiple Benefits

We can accommodate your needs. Self-defence for fun or competition. Light workout. Weight-loss exercises. Posture and movement improvement. Meditation and mindfulness.

Any age, any size, any gender

All ages, sizes and genders are catered for. Whether fit or unfit, you can become very efficient using our techniques because the key is being relaxed without strain